About us


Naga Earth is a local social enterprise initiative based in Siem Reap Cambodia. Our organization has been operating an environmentally friendly biodiesel project: sourcing the raw material, used cooking oil, from local businesses operating in the tourist industry since 2008.



This addresses key environmental and health concerns as used cooking oil is frequently re-used by street vendors or discarded down drains, creating health and environmental problems. The end product is then sold to local businesses and NGOs as a more environmentally friendly diesel alternative.

We covert the glycerin bi-product, into an environmentally friendly degreaser and biodegradable soap, a product suitable for a variety of uses, notably personal care and hygiene. This helps strengthen access to sanitation and provides local mechanics with a safe alternative to diesel for cleaning parts.


This year our portfolio is expanding. A supporter of Plastic Free Cambodia, we offer free training to our existing clients on how to reduce single use plastics. We also provide paper and glass recycling services as well as technical support in setting up plastic recycling.

Our production team - producing clean fuel and hygiene soap

Nuon Phea

Tim Waterfield


Naga Earth is always looking for volunteers to help run our project. How about joining our team?