Volunteer Activities


Mountain Biking in Angkor Wat National Forest

Our favorite activity.  An after work bike ride through the forest that is right outside of our factory. 


Siem Reap Festivals

Siem Reap is home to a lot of events and festivals, we like to join in

NGO Visits

We like to go visit quality NGOs and we also invite them to come visit us

Paper Recycling Workshops

We invite all of our volunteers to learn how to recycle paper and we invite local NGOs and Businesses to participate as well.


Visiting local Pagodas

This is a chance to experience the local culture, talk to the monks or get a water blessing

Beng Mealea

We like to take a day off now and then to visit countryside temples

Preah Vihear

Sometimes we do a weekend excursion to some temples that are further away from Siem Reap

Local Dining

We love to do enjoy meals together, either cooking ourselves or eating at one of the great restaurants in Siem Reap