Glass Recycling Project

Naga Earth is partnering with Gaea (Global Action for Environmental Awareness) to bring the first large scale glass recycling project to Cambodia.


What is the problem?


Many businesses in Siem Reap burn their waste as opposed to having it hauled away.  Glass bottles do not burn, so these businesses end up with mountains of glass bottles. 


The businesses that do pay to have their waste hauled away often have a large amount of glass included in their rubbish.  Gaea estimates 9 tons per day of glass go into the local landfill.

our solution


Gaea is purchasing a glass pulverizer that will convert glass bottles into gravel and sand.  A plan is in place to purchase the machine and set it up at the Gaea facility by the end of 2018. 


We are looking for approximately 70 businesses in Siem Reap that are willing to sponsor this project.  They will pay a monthly fee to have their glass bottles recycled into sand and gravel.  

The finished sand will be used for water filtration and other projects around Siem Reap.   

Financial Sponsors

Participating Sponsors

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