Plastic Recycling

A recycling crisis is on the horizon. Both Thailand and Vietnam have announced that as of 2020, they will no longer be accepting recyclable materials from Cambodia.

This means extreme financial difficulties for the multitude of Khmer’s who rely on selling bottles and cans for a meager income.

It also means even more plastic being burned in open fires all around Cambodia.

recycling hard plastics

Naga Earth has built two plastic shredding machines and one molding machine based on the Precious Plastic model. 

As of May 2019 we have plans to build a new extrusion machine based on the same open source model.

Precious Plastic Machines Siem Reap

We expect to have all four of the machines operational by the end of 2019.

The idea is to prototype a working, low cost plastic recycling model that benefits people throughout the supply chain.

We will soon be accepting many different types of used plastics.

The plastics will be shredded, then molded into new useful long lasting items.

Plastic Recycling Siem Reap

future plans - new partnerships

We are currently helping to develop a partnership with a number of ethical businesses, non-profit organizations and Government officials to bring a plastic recycling project to Phnom Penh.

Plans are soon underway for a solar and biodiesel powered factory that produces yarn from recycled plastic and vegan leather from recycled glycerin and agricultural waste.

The aim is to benefit everyone in the supply chain from the local recyclers to the local artisans and do everything in the most socially responsible and environmentally way possible.

We currently are looking for technical professionals that can help provide assistance to this project.

If you are an engineer interested in volunteering

If you are interested in partnering

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Video courtesy of Libby & Marcel