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Plastic Recycling Siem Reap


Less than 20 years ago, Cambodia was a country largely devoid of plastic waste.   The local markets packaged food using banana leaf or other natural and biodegradable materials

Banana Leaf Packaging Cambodia
Plastic Wast Cambodia

How times have changed.  A recent Fondazione ACRA survey has found that the average person living in Cambodia uses about ten times the number of plastic bags as their counterparts in China and Europe.   As a result, the Cambodian countryside is now awash in plastic.

Making the problem worse is the fact that rubbish removal is only available in the largest cities.  This leaves most rural Cambodians with no choice other than to burn their trash, which is largely made up of plastic.  Many Cambodians are unaware that plastic releases toxic gas when burned and allow their children to play among the smoldering rubbish.

Burning Trash Cambodia

our solution

At our factory in Siem Reap, our engineers turn rubbish into usable products. 

Naga Earth Factory Siem Reap

Precious Plastic Machines

For dealing with hard plastic waste, Naga Earth has built two small-scale recycling machines based on the open-source Precious Plastic model. 


These machines are utilized at our factory to recycle plastic waste from the hospitality industry.  Plastic previously getting burned or ending up in the public landfill will be converted into useful items.

We collect used straws from restaurants and hotels around Siem Reap and remold them into useful long lasting items.

Precious Plastic Machines Siem Reap

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