Responsible Volunteering

Before Your Trip

Any volunteer will want to learn about the history, politics, society and religion of this amazing place.  Inform yourself about Cambodia's recent troubled past so you can have a better understanding of the current situation .

Check out some of the fascinating documentaries about Cambodia

Cambodian Nature Film - By Fauna in Focus
Jungle Atlantis Part 1
Jungle Atlantis Part 2
Don't Think I've Forgotten - Cambodia's Lost Rock & Roll


Respect local culture and traditions


Cambodia is primarily a Buddhist country and Angkor Archeological Park is a religious temple.



Lighten your environmental impact



Siem Reap is a wonderful town to see by bicycle or on foot.  We encourage you to hop on your bicycle for a spin, or simply walk around town. 


Naga Earth Tote Bag
Naga Earth Water Bottle.jpg




Have your complimentary Naga Earth water bottle and shopping bag with you.  Cambodia has a serious plastic problem.  Please avoid plastic water bottles, plastic bags and all single use plastic while you are here.


respect local wildlife

Elephants here are terribly mistreated in order to get them to carry tourists around, and in some cases ridden to death.  We partner with Ride Bikes not Elephants

Monkeys should not be fed.  The monkeys around Angkor Wat Archeological Park are forgetting how to fend for themselves and relying on tourists for food.


It's usually not good to visit orphanages

Children are not tourist attractions:

Children are not tourist attractions:


Giving money

Don't give money or buy milk for beggars.  Giving money to street children encourages them to stay on the street.  Instead, be a part of a better solution by supporting one of the many great organizations working here.