Volunteering with Naga Earth

You will join us at our factory; a 10-minute bicycle ride from the city center and a 15-minute bicycle ride from Angkor Wat. You will have the opportunity to learn about our recycling projects (biodiesel, paper, glass and plastics). You will also engage directly with businesses in the hospitality industry.

In addition to work experience and the opportunity to make a difference to the health and environment in Cambodia, we also offer a range of benefits to our volunteers:

  • Free bicycle for use during your stay

  • Free Khmer lessons

  • Events and excursions such as evening bicycle tours of Angkor Wat

  • Introduction to the development community in Siem Reap

  • Support and advice throughout your stay on accommodation, travel and living in Cambodia

  • Complimentary Naga Earth water bottle and shopping bag to help lighten your environmental impact


Volunteer Testimonials

I am an engineer and I work in space exploration. In 2015 was looking for a volunteering experience in Cambodia, that would be meaningful to me and people of that place, and found Naga Earth.
Working with Tim could not have been more meaningful and fruitful! The amount of stuff I learned and now carry with me from that experience is such a huge treasure to me. It is not only the opportunity to do good to the community that I loved, and the solid sustainable way Naga Earth does it, but also the practical things I learned on the job, and the cultural experience I got from working together with a local, beloved Social enterprise.

Stefano Matteini
Volunteering for Naga Earth has been the best experience I’ve had so far I my career! Graduating from Ireland with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Rights, I contacted Tim about travelling to Siem Reap for a few months to work on his project. He welcomed me with open arms and provided me with endless opportunities and experience. All the volunteers are highly involved in the project and excel in different ways, that’s why we make such a great team! We are collaborating with many different NGOs and projects so there are always countless opportunities to learn and make a difference with our work.

Niamh Cooney
I could not share this astonishing work experience without mentioning the amazing surroundings.
The factory is located at the heart of Cambodia, 10 Km away from Angkor Wat, where I enjoy cycling after work especially with Tim who knows all the tracks in the forest. Additionally, working at Naga Earth means to be immersed in the Khmer culture. It very pleasant to learn from someone who is happy to give you all this tips to learn the Khmer language and to understand better the fascinating country of Cambodia.

Guillaume Low

July 2018. A weekday outing with the volunteers. First we explored Beng Mealea, a beautiful ancient temple complex that is part of Angkor Wat. Then we visited Salasusu, a Japanese-sponsored NGO that designs and creates ethical fashion.  All part of the fun at Naga Earth.