Volunteer/Internship Opportunities


Marketing/Business Developer

Engineer - Biodiesel Production

Children’s Hygiene Program - Soap Packaging & Delivery


To apply for a volunteer position please send your resume / CV and completed application form to info@nagaearth.org specifying the role you are interested in.

If you do not see an opportunity that matches your skills and interests, please feel free to submit an application telling us about yourself and indicating your availability.

Marketing/Business Developer


Our most exciting volunteer opportunity is in marketing and business development.   

Naga Earth is currently rolling out several new projects: 

We are looking for motivated and talented people to help introduce these new projects to the local community. 

Your job will consist of:

Volunteering Siem Reap
  • Meeting with local businesses and introducing our new initiatives. Offering free soap to our current partners and supporters. Seeing who is interested in participating in our new plastic and glass recycling projects.

  • Managing and updating social media accounts with latest news and case studies of long standing partners.

  • Engaging with local NGOs and the development community. Helping to introduce our new children's hygiene program which consists of distributing free soap to participating organizations and setting up training schedules.

You will be proactive and a self-starter and will be available to volunteer full time for a minimum of 8 weeks.


Engineer - Biodiesel Production

Opportunity for an Intern or Volunteer

Naga Earth’s most established project is the recycling of used cooking oil into biodiesel.


We produce biodiesel from used cooking oil using an environmentally friendly process.

The glycerine by-product to create a hygiene soap.

We have an ongoing position in this project for engineer/technician who will work under the guidance of the Naga Earth engineering team. You will also be able to get additional experience in other roles and projects according to your interest and skills.

Primarily your role will include:


-     Producing biodiesel

-      Biodiesel testing and quality control

-      Operating methanol recovery system

-      Producing hygiene soap

-      Machine maintenance

You will have an engineering background (or equivalent experience) and will be available to volunteer full time for a minimum of 12 weeks. We are happy to consider applications from engineering students with more than 2 years of university education.


Children’s Hygiene Program - Soap packaging & delivery

This is an opportunity to learn new skills wile making a social impact.  

Your job will consist of the following:


Learning to recycle paper, then making recycled paper labels for our soap bottles

Silk Screening.jpg

Learning to silk screen, then silk screening the labels for our soap bottles

Soap Bottling.jpg

Labeling soap bottles with the labels you just made, filling bottles with soap, preparing soap for delivery.


Delivering the soap you just prepared to our beneficiaries and partners.

A great opportunity for environmentally and socially conscious volunteers. No previous experience is necessary and we will provide training.  You will be available to volunteer full time for a minimum of 2 weeks.


To join our team, please check out current opportunities, or send your CV / resume and a completed application form to info@nagaearth.org.